Album: The Way Things Are (2014)


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DANTE SCIOSCIA - Vocals + Guitar
MAX VELEZ - Vocals + Bass
NICK KOYKAS - Lead Guitars

UNDIVIDED (Rockland County, NY) is an underground band influenced by NY metal and hardcore. The band was formed in 1996 led by the powerful vocals of founder, guitarist, and frontman Dante Scioscia.

The band released their first full length album, "UNTIL DEATH", in early 2009. Dante met bassist/vocalist Max Velez & lead guitarist Nick Koykas through Hollow Recording Studios in Pomona, NY. Drummer Joe Dooling joined the band in 2009 and this intense lineup has been performing constantly to promote their music. After returning home from their first European Tour in 2011, the band went back into the studio and finished their second full length album, "NO ONE'S SAFE".

After releasing "NO ONE'S SAFE" in April of 2012, UNDIVIDED played extensively in Europe and the U.S. to spread their music. The band just recently released their third full length album, "THE WAY THINGS ARE", in July of 2014. All tracks from all three albums are available for download on iTunes, Goodlife Recordings, or Down for Blood Recordings.

UNDIVIDED is currently back in the studio to write material for their fourth album. They will return to doing live shows later on this year.